Temple of Kung Fu – Summer 2014

Dear Friends and Students,

The Temple of Kung Fu school is moving! Beginning July 1, our new location will be just 11 minutes away at 405 Lake Cook Road, Unit A3, Deerfield, IL 60015.

It is between Boston Blackie’s and the Secretary of State DMV in Deerfield Park Plaza. Parking is easy and access from Lake Cook Road is convenient. Please stop by and visit or train and check out our new school.

This summer we are offering an afternoon Kung Fu Camp in the post day-camp hours of 3 PM to 6 PM. Children and parents are welcome to attend and train. We promise an excellent Kung Fu experience for all and the opportunity for great personal growth and chance to make many new friends. Please call Sifu Rich at (847) 702-7581 for details, we would love to spend the summer training with you!

We continue to edit the first episode of “The Sifu”, a documentary/reality show showing Kung Fu training and philosophy as a powerful way of transformation. Our first episode featured Bill, a U.S. Army veteran searching for inner peace. The show was filmed at our Highland Park school, as well as other locations such as Chinatown. We look forward to its completion and will host a viewing party at our school. Click here to watch the trailer,  and here to visit the show’s Facebook page.

Episode Two of “The Sifu” was filmed in late March, and featured Joe, our student and a musician who has struggled to overcome many obstacles in his life. We worked throughout the filming to help him use his Kung Fu for health, inspiration and music. Stay tuned for updates on this unique show as we continue to expand the awesomeness of Little Nine Heaven Kung Fu throughout the world.

Please visit us on Facebook and check out our latest pictures and videos. Come and join us for classes, private lessons, or any of our intensive seminars at 405 Lake Cook Road, Unit A3, Deerfield, IL. See below for all of our upcoming events, and enjoy the many benefits Kung Fu and Tai Chi offer.

New students, if you have not come by and tried a complimentary class or private lesson at our studio, then now is your chance! Come find out if Kung Fu will be your new passion. Begin your journey into the Empowerment that is Kung Fu.

Our list of exciting upcoming events, please join us for any or all of them:

  1. June 16 – August 14 Camp Kung Fu
  2. July 4 Highland Park 4th of July Parade
  3. July 19-20 Splashing Hands Butterfly Form
  4. August 15-17 Kung Fu Retreat Wisconsin Dells
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