Mixed Martial Arts

Amateur and professional competitors interested in individualized coaching and training for Mixed Martial Arts events are invited to join Temple of Kung Fu for private lessons, classes, and personalized coaching designed to enhanced fighting skills. Learning the traditional style and concepts of these ancient styles of kung fu will add a unique and powerful set of fighting techniques that will stun and demoralize your opponent into defeat.

The Mixed Martial Arts coaching at Temple of Kung Fu is beyond glitz, glamour and trendy training techniques. Learning these unique, and powerful kung fu systems that have been passed down through the generations will enhance your present abilities and helps develop your skill and effectiveness of fighting techniques. Starting with a foundation built on the adherence to traditional styles of training, rarely or in some cases never seen in the ring before. The Mixed Martial Arts competitor builds a true classical but unusual foundation of techniques to become a complete martial artist. This training takes you beyond brute force in the ring, and transforms you into an extremely skilled and competent fighter with skills unlike any of the other competitors. Learn to be the fighter that is in the ring to represent his school, traditions, and art.

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