Teen Mentoring

Temple of Kung Fu offers teen and adult kung fu mentoring for those who desire a personal touch in their martial arts training. Having a personal “Mr. Miyagi” will provide teens with the highest quality of martial arts training as well as a father/coach mentor to help them have more success in their lives. This training will help them get off the couch and put down the video games. Sometimes undisciplined, wild, or out-of-control angry teens can find peace in their lives through the practice and structure of martial arts. Students will learn martial arts and how to apply the common-sense philosophy of Taoism to everyday life. Training both the body and mind will build confidence in each teen, allowing him to find the warrior within, and become a disciplined and focused individual.

The martial arts training techniques used at Temple of Kung Fu, though intense, are useful to teens that are transitioning into adulthood. Sifu Rich can help build not only physical strength, but mental strength and self-confidence, helping teens develop into strong, confident adults, who are not afraid to work hard to achieve results and success in life. Students involved in this strict training regimen learn that laziness will not achieve results but that tenacity and strength will.

Individualized private lessons are designed for the specific needs of each teen. These private lessons can focus on simple topics like using martial arts for weight loss or how to use martial arts for self-defense. They can also focus on broader topics such as applying the lessons to focus and persist to achieve results in the classroom, in sports, or anywhere in life. Martial arts, has been proven to help students with attention deficit disorder and attention deficit hyperactivity disorder.  Kung Fu will help bring balance to their lives and help them grow into better decision makers. The practice of Kung Fu puts the mind body and spirit into balance.

Please contact the studio to arrange teen mentoring sessions either at your home or our studio.

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