Students in Hsing-I Kung Fu classes will learn the wide variety of martial arts skills taught within the system of Hsing-I, by focusing on Chinese boxing, forms, skills sparring, and practical fighting applications. The classes emphasize improving each student’s skills as a marital artist as well as learning the ancient healing and longevity principles of Hsing-I. Topics include Development of Internal Power, Practical fighting Applications, Chi Gong, Nei Gong, Tui Na, Tien Gunn, Push Hands, Sparring, Street Fighting, Self Defense, Eight Section Brocade, Iron HandChinese Weapons, Chinese Herbs, Taoist Meditation and more.

Hsing-I (Mind Boxing or Mind/Heart Boxing) is an internal system of Chinese boxing, meditation, chi gong, and combative techniques developed in ancient China by Taoist Monks. Hsing-I is more than a system of punching and kicking. Rooted in the ancient Taoist philosophies of the five-element theory and in Chinese healing, Hsing-I is a practical fighting system that has been used effectively as self-defense for centuries.

The power of Hsing-I comes from the ability to feel what an opponent is going to do and respond with an effective counter attack. A devastating blow from a Hsing-I master may look only like a subtle touch, but the unique fighting power comes from a series of factors working in unison. These include using the whole body as one, hitting an opponent with ferocious impact and pinpoint accuracy, being well centered and solid at the moment of impact, and using the power of the opponent’s energy to destroy him. Through the practice of Hsing-I, students can achieve abilities that are extremely rare in even the most skilled students of other martial arts techniques. The most powerful Hsing-I masters are able to destroy opponent’s internal organs with a single strike.

Hsing-I students who wish to achieve this level of power spend years attempting to master this subtle and complex art. Hsing-I is said to be easy to learn and hard to master. Being the biggest and strongest is not what matters, but level of skills and diligence to practice does. A typical Hsing-I practitioner may spend more time refining their Hsing-I skills than a practitioner of other martial arts systems not because the move is more inefficient, but because it requires more subtle movements within the body to create the force needed to develop the devastating power of Hsing-I.

Hsing-I is an excellent martial art for a person who wishes to practice martial arts throughout their whole life or wishes to experience the long-term health benefits of internal martial arts. Practitioners become better with practice, but unlike other styles they never become too old to practice. Hsing-I helps a practitioner stay fit and healthy even in old age by strengthening the internal organs and increasing the Chi and energy flow within the body.

Hsing-I has two levels of study. The first consists of understanding the way of power, naturally cultivating the chi and defeating an opponent. The second consists of learning how to dissolve power, learning how to change the marrow in the body (shih-shui), and achieving a state of spiritual emptiness.

Hsing-I classes and private lessons include the Five Elements and the Twelve Animal forms, practical and advanced Fighting Applications, Sitting and Standing Taoist Meditation, Chi Gong and Nei Gong exercises, Traditional Chinese Healing, Chinese Weapon (staff), Push Hands, Tien Gunn and a variety of other martial skills.

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