Corporate Wellness

Learning the Way through classes or private lessons at Temple of Kung Fu requires discipline and extensive training in and outside of classes. Though it requires commitment, it is not impossible to learn and many find that what they learn in their martial arts training at Temple of Kung Fu allows them to become more balanced individuals.

Taoist MeditationChen Tai ChiAcupressure and other Chinese healing classes show students how to control the energy in their bodies, manage their pain, reduce their stress and anxiety and allows them to find balance in their lives. Students learn that martial arts does not just teach punching, kicking and jabbing, but balance, peace, commitment and discipline.

The Corporate Wellness program taught at Temple of Kung Fu focuses on these important skills. By bringing the Corporate Wellness program to the office, employees do not need to seek out classes on their own time and encourages employees to attend and participate because it is convenient and allows them some time in their busy days to relax and reduce stress.

Corporate Wellness classes are an important preventative and wellness strategy that will better the health of the entire organization. Employees that are well balanced and healthy generally take less sick time from work and tend to be better, more productive, more focused employees. The small classes encourage one-on-one attention and a more personal experience.

To bring the Temple of Kung Fu Corporate Wellness program to the office, contact the studio.

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