Iron Hand

Iron Hand is a conditioning technique that strengthens the student’s hands and body, to become powerful and teaches how to generate tremendous power when striking. This intensive training technique requires serious commitment on the part of the student. However, Iron Hand training at Temple of Kung Fu is well worth the effort, building up not only the strength but self-confidence as well.

Following the Chinese belief that the students must learn to preserve the hands while conditioning them, Temple of Kung Fu’s intensive Iron Hand training uses a variety of methods and techniques to train all sides of the hands, building strength through repeated movement. The first technique is the “slapping method.” Using all sides of the hands, students repeatedly hit a bag filled with beans. The training is very thorough and students will see results quickly as the hands are conditioned and strengthened. The “cooking method” is an advanced training technique in which the hands are soaked in a heated mixture of special Chinese herbs. This helps improves the blood flow to the hands training it to heal faster. Finally, there is the “thrusting method,” in which hands are repeatedly thrust into a drum filled with beans or iron pellets. This conditioning technique trains the hand to become a forceful and accurate weapon, able to drive through objects without injuring the hand.

Iron Hand training at Temple of Kung Fu also includes push-ups on the fingertips and fists to further build the powerful Kung Fu Grip that complements and enhances Iron Hand. Students learn the special breathing and mediation techniques that put energy into the hands.

These Iron Hand training and conditioning technique taught at Temple of Kung Fu studio in Highland Park are a unique set of skills that will compliment any martial arts training regimen and further the student’s skills as a martial artist.

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