Splashing Hands

Splashing Hands Kung Fu is a rare Shaolin style of Kung Fu that will teach students to become effective, efficient, and powerful fighters. It will improve each student’s skills in previous martial arts, and focuses on enhancing combat effectiveness. Skills studied include Street Fighting, Practical Fighting Applications, Push Hands, Self Defense, Sparring, and more.

Splashing Hands Kung Fu is an extremely practical, no-nonsense, effective street-fighting system.  It combines jabs, punches, elbows, hammer-fists, chops and finger pokes, thrown with blinding, machine gun-like rapidity, along with quick, shuffling footwork, and low-focused straight leg kicks. It prepares the fighter physically and mentally to engage in any combat or tactical situation with or without weapons.

Splashing Hands is an infighting system that uses double blocks, single blocks and strikes, along with sophisticated rolling hands techniques, to draw the opponent into an attack and pull him off balance using their own energies against them. Students will learn to fight as soon as the opponent begins fighting in his mind and how to then explode into action. The techniques taught in this class are both defensive and offensive, allowing the student to continue his attack until the opponent is subdued. Students who learn Splashing Hands will possess the determination it takes to continue fighting and opponent until he is defeated.

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