Welcome to the Temple of Kung Fu

Little Nine Heaven Internal Kung Fu and Tai Chi School Chicago Illinois

We will give you the skills you need to unleash the warrior within you.

Have you been searching for more balance, inner peace and meaning in your life?

Our instructors are devoted to transforming the world through the ancient and practical teachings of Kung Fu.  That Transformation Begins with You.

A journey into Kung Fu can transform you.  “How do you turn a lump of coal into a diamond?   Put pressure on it.”

We teach the Way and its Power!

By offering training in authentic Taoist and Shaolin systems of Chinese martial arts, Qi Gong, Tai Chi, Chinese Healing and Meditation, we can teach you the secrets to developing your mind, body and spirit to their fullest potential.

The Kung Fu systems instructed at The Temple of Kung Fu have been passed on from generation to generation. Ancient, yet highly adaptable to help you navigate through the difficulties of modern life with more focus, and self-confidence.

These arts are the real thing, with a 2500-year track record of developing ordinary men and women into life-extended, super-powered kung fu monks.

We offer classes, private lessons, and seminars at our beautiful studio in Deerfield, Illinois.  We teach students from across Chicagoland, the North Shore, and the Northern, Southern, and Western Suburbs.

We are currently offering many types of weekly instruction, including:

  •  Splashing Hands Chinese Boxing  (Shaolin Zan Shou Quan)
  •  Hsing-I Chinese Boxing  (Xing Yi Quan)
  •  Chen Style Tai Chi Chuan  (Chen Taijiquan)
  •  Ba Kua ( Pa Kua)
  •  Hsiao Chui Tien (Little Nine Heaven or Nine Chamber Fist)
  •  Qigong (Chi Kung)
  •  Chinese Healing Practices
  •  Taoist Meditation
  •  Sparring and Fighting Applications
  •  Women’s Self Defense

We also offer professional custom life coaching and consulting services tailored to individuals, and businesses.

Become the Dragon Warrior that’s been waiting inside of you to be set free.



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