Taoist Meditation

Temple of Kung Fu teaches Taoist Meditation for health, longevity, to relieve stress and for improved mental health. People across many cultures have used meditation for thousands of years as a way to improve physical and mental health and achieve a state of spiritual enlightenment.  Our meditation is unique to our system, and has been used by the Taoist Monks of our lineage for thousands of years to achieve enlightenment and extraordinary health. Modern science has found many benefits for those who meditate regularly, including a lower blood pressure and longer life span. Taoist Meditation leads to a tremendous sense of inner peace and a structure to achieve higher levels of chi meditation.

Taoist Meditation attempts to find inner peace to relieve the mind of the day-to-day stressors that cause physical and mental health problems. Through these meditative techniques, students learn to focus the mind strictly on careful and controlled breathing and syncing this breathing with gently and specific body movements. Learning this disciplined synchronization frees the chi in the body, allowing it to flow freely throughout the body and frees the min from the stress daily living causes. Students who practice Taoist Meditation diligently find many health benefits such as improved cardiovascular health, improved circulation, reduced stress, lower blood pressure, improvement in pain symptoms caused by arthritis, respiratory problems, digestive problems and many others.

Taoist Meditation classes at Temple of Kung Fu encompass both forms of meditation: sitting and standing. Meditative exercises will increase circulation of chi, strengthen the internal organs and improve the balance of yin and yang. Regular meditation can also help build internal power and lead to a longer, happier life. It also helps focus the mind and prepares it to be relaxed when encountering conflict.

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