Kung Fu Weight Loss Competition!

Biggest Loser® Type Contest

Weigh-In will be scheduled shortly. Contest runs for 10 weeks

Our contest is similar to the Biggest Loser® Show, but with Kung Fu workouts and events that will transform minds, body and spirit.

The journey into awesomeness transforms you into a strong, confident person. We will strip the pounds off and change your mind about yourself so you never put the weight on again.

Learn how to achieve the warrior mindset and change for the better.

Our journey to the new you will begin with our weigh-in coming soon at our Vernon Hills School.

We will have two teams competing for a grand prize with unique weekly team competitive events. Participants will join our Kung Fu school for their daily workouts with their team coach.

Contest price $150. Prizes T.B.A. This covers prizes, weigh-ins, and our weekly events.  It does not cover our tuition for Kung Fu classes which is mandatory to participate.

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