Chi Kung, or Qi Gong

Chi (Qi) is the Chinese term that refers to permeates the body and gives us life. Qi Gong (Chi Kung) refers to the “ability” or “techniques” to cultivate Chi and freely circulate it through the body for good health and long life. “Tao” refers to “Way” or “Path” that nourishes life. The ancient Taoists developed extraordinary abilities through the practice and perfection of methods to cultivate Chi. By practicing the internal arts every day a person can strengthen their internal organs and reduce stress on the nervous system.

Some of the authentic Chi Gong exercises developed by ancient Taoist taught at Temple of Kung Fu are: Tiger playing with the Ball, Reaching for Heaven and Earth, Shaolin Three Exercises, Cloud Hands, Eagle Grasping, Eight Sections Brocade (Eight Pieces of Brocade), Iron Hand Meditation, the “Cooking” method of Advanced Iron Hand, and the Six Healing Sounds. Each of these exercises offers different types of health benefits that each contribute to health, sexual health, and longevity.

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