Temple of Kung Fu – August and September 2013

Dear Students and Friends,

The pursuit of Kung Fu will transform you and put you on the path to even more excellence and awesomeness. We would love to have you come and visit our new training studio at 1770 First Street, Suite 100, Highland Park, IL. This is the old Nova/HP space that has been transformed into a beautiful Kung Fu temple. Come and say hello and check the place out.

Please join us for exciting Summer Events:

After-School Kung Fu

Temple of Kung Fu Fall after-school program begins August 26 with Open Enrollment.
Mondays – Thursdays 3:00 PM – 6:00 PM at Highland Park school.
We are signing students up now; call us at (847) 702-7581.
Daily training in:

  • Confidence: Kung Fu and Tai Chi
  • Empowerment: Self Defense and Sparring
  • Wisdom: Qigong and Meditation
  • Personal Balance: Chinese Weapons

Poison Fingers Intensive Seminar

July 27th and 28th
Over this weekend, we will be increasing student’s knowledge of basic to intermediate skills in Poison Fingers (Tzu Men Chuan) Kung Fu. If you have never done one of these Intensive seminars, this would be a great time to try one! Raise your skill level and get new insights into the art.

Temple of Kung Fu Housewarming Party

Saturday, August 3 evening at the Highland Park School
Come join us for food, movies and Kung Fu fun and see how our new school has grown. Students, families and friends are all welcome.

Intro to Chinese Weapons Seminar

Ages 6 – adult
Saturday, August 10 2:00 PM – 4:00 PM
Students will learn how to use a variety of Chinese weapons such as straight sword, broad sword, staff and more. Fighting techniques, strategy and applications will be practiced. Sword fighting is by far the most popular activity in our children’s classes! Give your Dragon Warrior a chance to learn how to use them effectively!

Tai Chi Weekend Trip to Wisconsin Dells, WI.

August 16th – 18th
This is a great opportunity to get in-depth training in Chen Tai Chi, Chi Gong, Tien Gunn, Meditation and more! Last year’s weekend trip was a lot of fun with all-day training, great meals and campfires with students and families. Don’t miss the chance to join us this year! Plan your weekend now.

Belt Test

Sunday, September 15 at 1:00 PM
Challenge yourself to learn and perform your techniques, forms and applications. Move forward in your training and be able to learn new and exciting material.

Psychic Healing Intensive Seminar

September 21-22
Qi or Energy can be defined by many different types of measurements. In Kung Fu, many legends exist of powerful healers able to use their energies to help others with various ailments or heal themselves with this same power. Chinese Psychic Healing is an ancient practice that if a student works hard at it they can not only improve their own health but also be strong enough to be there for others.

In this first part of the class, we will carefully go over the exercises needed to build up your energy to be strong enough to help others. We will also begin to teach you self hypnosis qigong exercises to deepen your meditation experience and spiritual life.

Student Referral bonus for Students

Students who bring in a friend or acquaintance who become a member of our school will receive a free private lesson with Sifu.

New students, if you have not come by and tried a complimentary class or private lesson at one of our studios, then now is your chance! Come find out if Kung Fu will be your new passion. Begin your journey into the Awesomeness and Empowerment that is Kung Fu.

Special Seminars Advanced Curriculum Topics include….

  • Splashing Hands Butterfly Form
  • Hsing-I Staff
  • Chinese Broad Sword (Dao)
  • Advanced Hsing-I
  • Tzu Men Chuan – Poison Fingers Kung Fu
  • Two Person Fighting Sets
  • Chinese Twin Butterfly Sword Seminar
  • Advanced Sparring and Fighting Applications
  • Beginner Iron Hand Seminar
  • Advanced Tai Chi
  • Advanced Splashing Hands
  • Kung Fu Animal Forms
  • Advanced Self Defense
  • Advanced Qigong
  • Weapons Sparring
  • Push Hands
  • Chinese Psychic Healing
  • Advanced Meditation and other topics within Chinese Martial Arts and Healing

Contact us for details and pricing

Please be sure to tell us which classes you want to attend and times you would like other classes to be held.

Classes may be cancelled or changed without notice. Please contact us for a current listing of classes.

Private lessons are available in Hsing-I, Chen Style Tai Chi Chuan, Splashing Hands, Ba Gua, Tzu Men Chuan, Qigong, Iron Hand, Traditional Chinese Healing, Taoist Meditation, Street Fighting, Self Defense, Chinese Weapons, and a variety of other martial skills. Lessons are available at our studio in Highland Park, or at your home or office.

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