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Are you a pro athlete looking to enhance your expertise at your sport, deepen your knowledge, and flow better under pressure? Knowing the secrets of Kung Fu can unlock the doors to a new levels of skill and talent. There is a more efficient Way or Tao waiting for you to discover. The hard won warrior knowledge of the past has not been lost, but instead preserved in ancient arts collectively known as Kung Fu. In this Temple of Kung Fu your opportunity for evolution awaits you. Our systems have been handed down for centuries and carefully preserved. We invite you to call to schedule an interview to enlighten you on how these ancient methods can be your secret weapon.

Kung Fu Athletic Cross Training
Mixed Martial Arts
Tae Kwon Do

and other sports

Summer Kung Fu Camp

Monday-Thursday 3:00 PM – 6:00 pm
Saturday 9:30-11:00 am


Monday, June 23 through Thursday, August 14, 2014

Camp Tuition $2625 (For the Summer)
Or Weekly Tuition $399 per week

Discounts for before June 1st sign up.
Scholarships available, please contact us. Cost includes a school t-shirt.

 Learn self-defense and discipline
Improve conditioning and self-esteem
Make new friends

Begin the awesome and ancient journey of Kung Fu!

Camp Kung Fu

June 24th to August 8th
Open Enrollment
Mondays – Thursdays 3pm – 6pm, perfect for after day camp.

Signing students up now! Call 847-702-7581


Take advantage of the summer for a great experience for your family!

Confidence • Empowerment • Wisdom • Personal Balance • Excellence
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